11903 Chippewa Hwy, Bear Lake, MI 49614
Phone: 231-864-2101
Email: sales@correctcompression.com


North – Gaylord and surrounding areas

Fred Blankenship – Technician
Email: fred.blankenship@correctcompression.com

Northwest – Traverse City and surrounding areas

Dean Miller – Field Supervisor
Email: dean.miller@correctcompression.com

Central – Houghton Lake and surrounding areas

Mathew Saxton – Field Supervisor
Email: mathew.saxton@correctcompression.com

Colter Saxton – Technician
Email: colter.saxton@correctcompression.com

Zeth Hale – Technician
Email: zeth.hale@correctcompression.com

South – Jackson and surrounding areas

Joshua Socolovitch – Technician
Email: joshua.socolovitch@correctcompression.com

Travis Groff – Technician
Email: travis.groff@correctcompression.com

Shop or Office

General Sales Email Address
Email: sales@correctcompression.com

Tony Merrill – Owner
Email: tony@correctcompression.com

Wayne Geisert – Parts Manager
Email: wayne.geisert@correctcompression.com

Melodie Goda – Parts
Email: melodie.goda@correctcompression.com

Bethany Merrill – Office Manager
Email: bethany.merrill@correctcompression.com

Angela Eisenlohr – Office Manager
Email: angela.eisenlohr@correctcompression.com

Reilly Merrill – Operations Manager
Email: reilly.merrill@correctcompression.com

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